BIGWEST presents first official panel regarding MACROSS’ global expansion at Anime Expo 2022 and holds encore screening of MACROSS PLUS MOVIE EDITION!

Having announced in April, 2021 that MACROSS would be going global, BIGWEST held its first official panel at North America’s largest anime convention, Anime Expo 2022, on July 1 (GST) to announce the first steps in the franchise’s global expansion.

Further details will be posted on the official MACROSS website and social media channels, and licensees’ websites soon.

PROPLICA Microphone Sheryl Nome & Ranka Lee:2022 Summer Pre-order
DX CHOGOKIN VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie WORLDWIDE Anniv.:2022 Summer Pre-order
DX CHOGOKIN YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie (Maximilian Jenius Use):2022 Fall Pre-order
HI-METAL R VF-0S Phoenix (Roy Focker Use):2022 Winter Pre-order
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【Right Stuf Anime】
MACROSS Frontier & MACROSS Delta Blu-ray Collector’s Ultra Edition Release
More info: rightstufanime.com

【Anime Limited】
MACROSS PLUS Ultimate Edition Blu-ray Release
More info: macross.alltheanime.com

【UDON Entertainment】
“HIDETAKA TENJIN’s ARTISTRY OF MACROSS from Flash Back to Macross Frontier” Release
More Info: http://www.udonentertainment.com/blog/

MACROSS Frontier Sheryl & Ranka Figure Coming Soon!
More info: https://shibuya-scramble-figure.com/

MACROSS Merchandise at Tokyo Otaku Mode
More info: https://otakumode.com/shop/pickup/macross

【South Korea】
“MACROSS Frontier” TV Broadcasting / Streaming in South Korea
More info: https://macross.jp/news-detail/22295/

【H2O Media(Taiwan)】
MACROSS Frontier Movies Taiwan Premiere in September 2022
More info: https://m.facebook.com/h2omediaco-109682664499490/?hc_ref=ARROEYA5Bn23hHkLA3PXuZXgR-H3-Hh-mS78jpD3mtn-NnGLm4J0EC-XUn6jiHFfXZg&fref=nf

The Super Dimension Fortress MACROSS II Blu-ray Release
More info: https://www.animeigo.com/

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