【MACROSS PLUS】BIGWEST to bring MACROSS to Anime Expo 2022!

BIGWEST is bringing MACROSS to the largest anime convention in North America, Anime Expo 2022 (July 1 – July 3, 2022).
With an encore screening of MACROSS PLUS MOVIE EDITION, which screened for the first time ever in the US last December across 700 cinemas, and a panel featuring footage never before shown outside of Japan, you won’t want to miss what BIGWEST has to offer at Anime Expo 2022!

Movie Screening

Date: July 1 (Fri), 10:30AM PDT
Venue: Regal Cinemas

Combining the intricate designs of Shoji Kawamori, character direction from Shinichiro Watanabe (“Cowboy Bebop”), and the musical stylings of renown composer Yoko Kanno (“Cowboy Bebop,” “Ghost in The Shell: SAC”), “MACROSS PLUS MOVIE EDITION” takes place in the year 2040 A.D., three decades after the glassing of Earth in what has since become known as Space War One. On the planet Eden, U.N.SPACY is holding a competition to decide the next generation of variable fighters. Two prototype aircraft piloted by former childhood friends, loose cannon Isamu and the Zentradi mixed alien race Guld, go head-to-head in aerial and robot combat superiority over the lucrative military contract. The two must also deal with their own unresolved history with mutual love interest, Myung Fang Lone, who has returned as the manager of virtuoid pop star Sharon Apple.


Date: July 1 (Fri), 1:30PM PDT
Venue: 403AB

For the very first time outside of Japan, BIGWEST will showcase the MACROSS franchise’s TV series, Original Video Animations, and feature films to anime industry members and attendees. Hear the latest NEWS, product announcements, and overseas developments!

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