販売者:Calibre Wings社
商品名:CA72DC02 1/72 F-14 Low Visibility

 当社は、『マクロス ゼロ』製作委員会の代表及び『マクロス ゼロ』を含めたマクロス・シリーズ全ての原作権者として、マクロス・シリーズを愛して下さるすべてのファンの皆さまに対し、当海賊版及び当海賊版の告知動画における『マクロス ゼロ』の無断使用等、権利者及び制作関係者に正当な対価が支払われず、新たな作品の製作を妨げる、一切の不当な行為にご注意いただきますよう、お願い申し上げます。


Cautions about Pirate Version

Please be informed that that we, Big West, Inc., have not anything to do with the goods described below (“Bootleg Edition”) announced in July 2020.

Distributor:Calibre Wings
Goods name:CA72DC02 1/72 F-14 Low Visibility

As a representative of the “Macross Zero” production committee and the right holder to original works of all Macross series including “Macross Zero,” we, Big West, Inc. would like all of the Macross fans to use cautions with the Bootleg Edition and the video announcement of the Bootleg Edition with unauthorized use of “Macross Zero”. We have never granted to the Distributor any permission to use “Macross Zero,” and none of the right holders and the creators engaging in the production of “Macross Zero” have received any fair compensation. The distribution and announcement of the Bootleg Edition is undoubtedly an unjust (illegal) act to obstruct the creation of our new work.
We again ask for your cautions about the Pirate Version.

Thank you very much for your attention.